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App crashes XServer

I am trying to display a commercial app on a Debian System (the application 
runs on a remote Solaris system). The application fails and crashes even the 
X-Server on a potato system. Can anybody tell me what the appropiate procedure 
is to report the bug (simply filing this message as a bug against the XServer 
does not make much sense, because the maintainer can't reproduce it).

A short description:
1.) I run a remote application via ssh.
2.) The remote application demands 8 Bit color depth, otherwise it fails both 
on Soalris and linus.
3.) Switching to 8 Bit, I see the error
X Error:  BadName
  Request Major code 45 ()
  Request Minor code 0
  ResourceID 0x2000004
  Error Serial #23
  Current Serial #85
on a slink system. A potato system (other computer and graphics adapter) 
simply crashes the XServer (SVGA, Matrox MGA G200 adapter).

Has anybody an idea how to proceed that
1.) The problem in the potato X-Server is fixed
2.) The tool runs on the linux system.



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