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BIND again in main!

I am pleased to report that BIND version 8.2.2-2 is no longer relegated to
the non-free tree!

I just received a patch from Paul Vixie at the ISC allowing the upstream
sources to be re-packaged without any of the encumbered crypto code.  Of
course, this means the BIND in Debian no longer has the ability to participate
in testing or deployment of the DNSSEC protocols, but hopefully eventually
DFSG-compliant versions of the required routines will be written and made
available to the ISC for inclusion in future versions of BIND.

I'd like to thank the folks at the ISC, and at Linux Weekly News, for 
helping to make this possible.  BIND has often been pointed to as one of the
real successes of the Open Source model, and my having to stuff it into 
non-free for a while was clearly a traumatic event for many Debian developers
and users...


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