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bootpd/tftpd bug

	I have only noticed it on a slink machine, I ask someone who has 
potatoes to test it too...

	I am configuring one machine as a boot server in order to install
Debian in a PowerPC (IBM 43P) I have here, but one strange thing is happening.

	bootpd gets the request and sends the machine an IP number ok, and
tells it that the file to get is "/rescue2200prep.bin" (notice the slash).
but when it asks tftp to send "/rescue2200prep.bin" it gets an "access
violation", if I manually invoke a tftp session and ask for 
"rescue2200prep.bin" it comes right.

	The problem is that there is no way of preventing bootpd from adding 
the slash to the bootfile name, neither making tftpd accept the slash (it
does not accept it for security reasons I think).

	I looked at the bug database and it seems that noone reported 
such thing before, maybe it can be in potato too. If so, I can file 
a bug report (against netstd).



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