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Re: [Re: Orphaned packages?]

>  >             wmaker-data                      yours
>  >             wmaker-usersguide                yours
>  >             wmavgload                        Josip Rodin's
>  >             wmload                           Josip Rodin's
>  >             wmmail                           Josip Rodin's
>  >             wmmixer                          Shaleh's
>  >             wmmount                          Josip Rodin's
>  >             wmrack                           Shaleh's
>  >             gltt                             yours

| I'd like to retract my offer for maintaining wmmail - I don't use it nor
| do I like it. I will/have, however, take wm{avgload,load,mount}.

Ok, I'm cc'ing -devel and wnpp.  wmmail needs a maintainer.

| I will most probably try wsoundprefs and wsoundserver, though. Is that
| okay with you?

Yes, please.  I'm already in Stuttgart, but I don't think I'll get my hands on
a Debian box very soon... I'm in the middle of a Silicon sea :-)
(perhaps it's time to give that MIPS port a second look :)



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