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Re: /etc/profile.d

> On Mon, Oct 25, 1999 at 06:16:49PM +0200, Rene H. Larsen wrote:
> > The way that is done by default in
> > Debian (please correct me if this is no longer the case) is by this
> > segment of code:
> > 
> > if [ -f /etc/environment ]; then
> >   . /etc/environment
> > fi
> Looking at bash 2.02.1-1.8, there's no such thing in /etc/profile.
> Personally, my /etc/profile includes the following:
> set -a
> . /etc/environment
> set +a
> -- 
> Raul

This is not the standard debian's profile. So you had to change it by hand
on every machine you installed. And obviously it doesn't work with csh and
probably other shells.

Furthermore the /etc/environment has sh syntax and again it can't be used
with csh. And as someone pointed out the values are not exported so they
don't actually go in the environment but only in the sourcing shell.

It seems that we already have many of the problems many people are telling,
but is seems also to me the /etc/environment kludge is a bad way to do
things which could be done with a well-thought /etc/profile.d mechanism.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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