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anacron/apm issue - where to report this

I seek advice on the following apparent problem in the latest potato:

Problem: if you suspend your laptop for more than 3 hours, cron
ignores any jobs scheduled during the interval. Therefore if, for
example, you suspend each night and start work around 10, your 0730
anacron invocation will never run. Nor will your 0342 dlocate db

Fix: add an extra anacron invocation on wakeup, in /etc/apm/event.d.
Also move daily jobs from /etc/crontab & /etc/cron.d to
/etc/cron.daily where appropriate, so they will be run by anacron in
the above case.

1. is the above analysis correct ?
2. if so, where should the bugreport(s) go - cron/anacron/apmd/dlocate ?


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