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[ISSUE] No support for shadow groups, yet we perpetrate to have it

This may sound silly, but in fact, glibc does not support shadow groups[1]
(I'm not sure if we ever had this support), yet the shadow programs attempt
to use it. For example we convert the group file to shadow, even though glibc
does not contain the calls to get this info. If you look at the shadow build,
it does not define shadow groups as enabled because of this.

If this is the case, we need to stop acting as if the system has this
capability (not changing the group file to a shadowed one) and so on.

I want opinions and maybe some clarification on this issue.


[1] For those of you paying real close attention, I believe libc5 contained
    this. Yes I know that libpwdb also contains this, but I am /NOT/ adding
    another dependency for shadow, and pwdb has proven to mess things up
    wrt to certain systems (upgrading to a PWDBified login would instantly
    break every NIS system, not to mention bypass nsswitch.conf altogether).

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