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ALSA libraries change names (again)

This is a (belated, unfortunately) heads-up to anyone who has a package that
depends on the ALSA libraries.

As of the 0.4.1 release, I've switched from the odd naming scheme formerly
used by the ALSA libraries (i.e. 'alsalib0.3.0', 'alsalib0.3.2', etc)
because (a) new versions can't coexist with old ones (the ALSA maintainers
keep !@#% changing the kernel API) and (b) the soname doesn't contain the
extra version numbers (though it could be argued that it should since the
libraries are all mutually incompatible - such are the pains of software in

Thus, if your package depended on alsalib0.3.2, it should now depend on
libasound0.  With luck the ALSA people will make some effort to stabilize
their APIs Real Soon Now...  In any case, that package name should stick
around for a while, I hope.

(BTW, if there is anyone out there who is active in the ALSA development
effort and would like to take these packages, please contact me - I don't
mind maintaining them since I use them, but I'm not very knowledgeable on
the ALSA internals or the development process)

      David Huggins-Daines - dhd@eradicator.org
   Linux system administration, C and Perl programming
  Information Retrieval, Database, and Web development

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