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Re: Attention: imapd gpoing back to $HOME as mailbox root

"Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar@debian.org> wrote:
> Although a number of people have supported my decision to make $HOME/mail
> the mailbox root for the UW imap server I maintain, I think it will be for
> the best overall if I make it $HOME again.  Reasons:
> 1)  That's what most of the bug reports are about.
> 2)  That's what the upstream distribution does.  So it's less maintenance
>     headaches for me.
> 3)  It's what people expect.  (Principle of least surprise)
> 4)  The reasoning behind the change wasn't that good in the first place.
> Expect a new upload tonight or tomorrow.

Is it still easy to change back to $HOME/mail or preferably $HOME/Mail ?
Does it require modifiying of source code, or just changing a config file?

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