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Re: /etc/profile.d

Piotr Roszatycki <dexter@fnet.pl> wrote:

> I noticed an /etc/profile.d directory in RH distribution.

> I think it is good idea. Some packages require to set correct
> environment variables, etc.

How many times did we discuss this in the past?  Please check the
archives for the last instances of this discussion, before starting
the discussion again.

> It is very simple to implement this feature in /etc/profile:

> for i in /etc/profile.d/*.sh; do
>     . $i
> done  

But there are shells (for example csh and tcsh) which doesn't support
this syntax of "for".  So your proposal isn't acceptable.

> Of course, Debian Policy tells 

> "No program may depend on environment variables to get reasonable
> defaults. (That's because these environment variables would have to be
> set in a system-wide configuration file like /etc/profile, which is
> not supported by all shells.)"

So if you know that the policy forbids profile.d, why do you start
this discussion here?  If you want to change the policy, debian-policy
is the correct mailing list (but there you should be prepared better
than simply telling us, that the above for loop solves all problems),
you should especially provide a solution for _all_ available login



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