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Re: Background images.. propaganda package?

* "Glenn" == Glenn McGrath <Glenn.McGrath@jcu.edu.au> wrote:

[.. Packaging background images for X ..]

We spoke about bloat, and I thought this is rather academic. But now
as I see this posting, I wouldn't like to see a package of these -
they are only bloat, nothing more. 26 MB of background images...

Next time someone want to package 50 MB of randomly generated povray
images :-(

If we get a seperate data section - OK. But not in main!


I would like to see Debian gtk and window manager themes. They should
be similar in look, so that they fit together. The Debian WM theme
looks slink. I started to do an adaptation for fvwm, but run out of
time. Anyone interested in working on such a project?

It is great advertisement to see a running Debian box, recogniseable
as Debian, with gtk and the wm fitting in look.


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