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3d fans, moonlight needs a maintainer (and panorama, too)

Hi there,

	moonlight, a 3d graphics modeller, needs a new maintainer as I
won't get my hands on a box of my own for the next few months.  A new
version of moonlight is on the works, and given the previous record of
events, it's going to be _IMPRESSIVE_.  So, if you like 3d modelling,
if you like Debian and if you have some ocassional free time on your
hands, this is the package for you.

Now, if you've got a _bit_ more free time on your hands, panorama is
also good for you.  It's fast, it's good, it's flexible, it's
everything PovRAY ought to be but isn't, namely, free. (It's not as
feature rich as PovRAY but it's getting there, and I'm put some time
on making an MPI version of it)


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