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Re: "operating system" /dev/block ??? 2016 National CALD Workers Conference CALLING FOR PAPERS FOR ALL AGENDA ITEMS [ANNOUNCE] apt-offline 1.7 Released [OT] shocking incident in software incident [OT] Soliciting Advice on e-mail and web-hosting providers [PARTAL success] Re: LVM info - OTHER than HOWTO's [RESOLVED] Re: lost onboard network connection on stretch Re: [SOLVED] How to identify obsolete packages [SOLVED] Re: installing Debian on USB flash drive for use in many machines About Hypra project Re: Access Gembird USB device as non-priviledged user Adding wifi to a LAN Bridge for Xen Re: Adobe Flash Re: adobe flash player in iceweasel does not work anymore in jessie amd64-rescue.img & intel Xeon x5650 system any way to setup a nevo c2 remote control ? Re: Anybody know why aptitude is not installed by default in Sid? Apple Macbook Air + Thunderbolt VGA monitor/projector Re: apt WAS:var is full... apt-* and aptitude apt-get: why massive upgrade despite pinning everything to stable? apt/dpkg Are there packages that modify iptables rules? assistance for determining package for bugreport Bad interaction between multihead display amd desktops in debian squeeze Boot man page boot takes too long (swap?) bug reporting, repositories and distros can hot-add of new disk be recognized in rescue mode? can't boot Jessie since power drop-out (virtualbox on MacBook with SSD) Can't start VM after latest kernel update: weird mount failure Can't startx as normal user Changing Monitor that gdm uses Charsets v grep convert between ethernet and usb Correction Re: Debian rescue CD oddities dear lazyweb: looking for a special backup tool Debian 7 to 8 upgrade changlog displays unstable/experimental packages Debian 8.1 ext4 directory sizes debian 8.2 live "standard" install - how to set up wifi? Debian 8/Jessie: File System Quota Checks performed before all volumes are decrypted Debian DeskTop Re: Debian Desktop Environment Debian Live USB Persistence Debian rescue CD oddities Debian seems unable to drive my (4) monitors Re: Debian Squeeze mounting problem Debian testing crashes Debian Wheezy boot messages debian-user,Re:Brief intro of accessories for iphone,ipad and samsung. debian/sid: yubi key USB error: Access denied (insufficient permissions) debianlive iso with xfce and clamav default English (US) QWERTY layout Re: Destination of a new window with multiple monitors available. Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del in Jessie disk benchmarking tools Re: Dnsmasq si rifiuta di partire al boot Do I need to do fstrim on Jessie? dspam silently (perhaps) crashing error message after apt-get update fast internet connection but very slow browser response Freemind stopped working geen beheerrechten voor mijzelf gnome-shell crashing on Debian Testing - nouveau grub rescue> (getting error: unknown filesystem) for all filesystems! How do packages that modify iptables rules prevent race conditions? how execute a script The last update was on 22:36 GMT Tue Jul 02. There are 1319 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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