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Re: Debian 8.1 ext4 directory sizes


Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> Yes, and also of its predecessors ext2 and ext3.

Thanks for the info.

As i failed to find it myself: Do you know a link or man page
where this is specified ?

After all it imposes massive performance penalties which made
me suspicious on the first hand. Does nobody else complain ?

What do the big guys use instead ?
(I used Reiser FS for the last years. My older ext2 instances
 never had to stand that workload.)

> There's the -D option for fsck that optimizes directories, this should make
> them return to the smallest size, but the filesystem must be unmounted.

Thanks again.
It would last a while to find all pwd pointing into it,
but elsewise it is a mere data partition and could be
umounted without reboot.

Have a nice day :)


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