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Re: Anybody know why aptitude is not installed by default in Sid?

And if you're installing X, then it's reasonable for Synaptic and other GUI admin tools to be part of the default setup. Those who prefer lower level tools and who know enough for that to be a good decision will know how to uninstall what they don't want or need and should have the privilege of doing so (unnecessary dependencies are bad).

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On Mon, 2 Nov 2015, Rick Thomas wrote:

On Nov 2, 2015, at 12:45 AM, Joe <joe@jretrading.com> wrote:

To be honest, I see no reason at all why two package managers needed
to be included in standard install. If you aren't happy with apt-get,
just apt-get install aptitude. It seems beyond question to me that
having bare minimum to start with and adding things you need from
there is a much cleaner and better way of doing things than having
several tools with the same function and having to get rid of one. So
a very sensible change, I only wonder what was the thinking behind
the initial approach.

Not in the base system, no, but I'd expect it to be included in any
system which might be used by newcomers to Linux. A lot of Internet
sites include installation instructions using aptitude, without
mentioning any alternatives, or even that there are any. Similarly, a
desktop system other than a minimalist one should include Synaptic.


+1 for Joe.

Requiring a newcomer to install aptitude before she can follow the simple step-by-step instructions she downloaded from the web — or alternatively requiring all the helpful folks who posted those step-by-step instructions to go back and modify them…  That’s not what I’d call “newbie friendly”.


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