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Re: Anybody know why aptitude is not installed by default in Sid?

> On Mon, Nov 02, 2015 at 08:45:27AM +0000, Joe wrote:
>> Not in the base system, no, but I'd expect it to be included in any
>> system which might be used by newcomers to Linux.

One reason is that the Aptitude semi-GUI hauls in a lot of libraries and dependencies and stuff. That fills up the 5MB ST-506 disk Debian was designed for :-)

But 'apt-get install aptitude<CR>' as root at a terminal/console will get it for you. If you don't have apt-get, something went wrong in the install. Try it again.

I spent quite a while in RPM-hell before I learned enough to install Debian, and I've still got lots to learn. Hang in there. It's worth the trouble.

But stay away from Sid, aka GuaranteedBugs. Stable is (probably) what you need. Stable doesn't have the bells and whistles and bleeding edge software that Sid does, but it works good. A newcomer doesn't need 'surprises'.

Glenn English

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