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Re: Debian 8.1 ext4 directory sizes


Dan Ritter wrote:
> 1. Enable the following features on your ext4 fs:
> - dir_index
> - extent

That would have to happen at mkfs time ?

> these are probably both on by default.

My /etc/mke2fs.conf begins by

        base_features = sparse_super,filetype,resize_inode,dir_index,ext_attr

and later has

        ext4 = {
                features = has_journal,extent,huge_file,flex_bg,uninit_bg,dir_nlink,extra_isize

How can i inquire whether these features are in effect ?
The memory of my hardware provider, who created the filesystems,
will probably not be of any help after 5 months.

(Somehow my /var/log files are only a few weeks old.
 Where would i set a longer retention time ?)

> 3. Use btrfs or ZFS

I have the latter with Solaris and heartfully hate it.
Not that it would eat data, but its administration is a pain
for the elderly self-admin.

Well, one has to accomodate to modern regressions.
After concurrent SG_IO slowdown and failure of media recognition
with automatic CD tray loading, this is the third blooper.
(None of them is yet proven to be caused by systemd, to my
 big surprise. :))

Have a nice day :)


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