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Re: convert between ethernet and usb

On Sat, November 7, 2015 12:13 pm, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Why would you need a USB 3 port ? Doesn't a USB 2 port provide enough
> throughput ?

I do not know.  If USB2 provides reasonable performance, then I am satisfied.

> These are serial ports, not network interfaces. With the proper driver,
> an ethernet over USB device

Such as the Apple usb-to-ethernet adapter? 

> will appear as a regular network interface in
> ifconfig. Well, the interface name may be different from the usual ethX,
> such as usbX.

But does IPCop recognize such a device when it is plugged into an RJ45
ethernet port?

If I go out today and purchase an usb-to-ethernet adapter, is it likely to


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