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Re: convert between ethernet and usb

On Sat, November 7, 2015 1:46 pm, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> The USB device I'm talking about is the Netgear
> AirCard 791L hotspot in "tethered" mode. So all you may need to buy is a
> USB cable with the proper connectors at each end if you don't already
> have one, to connect the USB port on the hotspot to the USB port on the
> PC.

I have on my desk a 791L with the USB cable.  And I have a spare
desktop machine here -- in good running order -- with which to
experiment.  Finally, I have an IPCop 2.1.8 installation CD.

So I start by:

(1) installing IPCop

(2) turn on the VerizonWireless AirCard 791L

(3) plug the USB cable into one of the USB ports of the new IPCop machine

Installation is successful.  Next, I:

(4) remove the installation CD

(5) continue the installation by naming the machine

and then I stall, at the dialog asking configuration type for RED
interface.  The options are:

   - analog modem
   - GSM/3G modem
   - ISDN
   - PPPoE
   - PPTP
   - static
   - DHCP

What now?


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