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Re: how execute a script

On Fri, 13 Nov 2015, David Wright wrote:
> The implementation isn't necessarily irrelevant when you have to
> maintain the scripts yourself. Just at the level of pressing F3 in mc,
> or running less, it saves time knowing what you expect to appear on
> the screen.

A good $EDITOR takes care of that for you. 

http://git.donarmstrong.com/?p=bin.git;a=tree is my own ~/bin; never had
any trouble figuring out what language things were... and if I needed
something to do it programmatically, file does a pretty good job itself.

> I have links and scripts such as
> radio2wav → record2wav.py   stoprecording → stoprecording.sh
> vinyl2wav → record2wav.py
> which are used both directly and by cron, but also scripts like
> split-tracks.py which would only ever be used from the command line.
> All these reside together in my ~/bin/ which is on-PATH.

You've now got tab completion going to two different things, and twice
as many entries in ~/bin/ as you might expect. But hey; if it works for
you, great.

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