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Re: dspam silently (perhaps) crashing

On 08/11/15 08:00, Erwan David wrote:
I had a look at rspam and did not use it : i find it far too much invasive, it practically impose tons of tests that I do not want to be done because of false positives. (and worse when a new version comes with new tests they are enabled by default). I found it also rather difficult to configure. So I stayed with dspam, which despite not being more developped is robust and does its job : bayesian filtering.

I have now removed it from the main mail path, but am still sending spam and ham retraining requests to it. It has now stayed up for a whole day.

I followed your quest round the internet looking for a replacement. In this process I did discover someone who was experiencing silent exits of dspam. The current dspam maintainer was saying that the hash driver could get into trouble because it copies a file into memory and if this got corrupt then it would cause dspam to crash.

I am wondering if I can find that file and remove it. Just don't know where to look

Alan Chandler http://www.chandlerfamily.org.uk

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