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Re: Anybody know why aptitude is not installed by default in Sid?

On Monday 02 November 2015 19:58:51 Brian wrote:
> Your argument appears to be based on the state of a person's eyesight.
> It also makes assertions about the state of mine. This is out of line;
> you have no knowledge about the state of my sight (and never will).

I said "would appear".  I was very careful in my choice of words.  I have a 
blind friend who can "read" at a phenomenal speed.  

It is out of line to be as judgemental as you are of others.  What you can do 
easily everyone else must do, or be dismissed, and no allowances must be 
made.  We are not all the same.  You have abilities which some others do not 

You said "The helpful folks at Debian also produce copious documentation (a 
Guide, Release Notes etc).At release time these tend to be up to date and are
much more useful to newcomers" as a reason why aptitude should not be 
included.  I pointed out that these are not useful to everyone.  In fact, to 
some of us they are barely useful at all.


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