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Re: how execute a script

On Fri 13 Nov 2015 at 16:08:07 (-0600), Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Nov 2015, David Wright wrote:
> > The implementation isn't necessarily irrelevant when you have to
> > maintain the scripts yourself. Just at the level of pressing F3 in mc,
> > or running less, it saves time knowing what you expect to appear on
> > the screen.
> A good $EDITOR takes care of that for you. 
> http://git.donarmstrong.com/?p=bin.git;a=tree is my own ~/bin; never had
> any trouble figuring out what language things were... and if I needed
> something to do it programmatically, file does a pretty good job itself.

Well I find, say,   less bin/*py   much easier to type than
fiddling about with file or grep to get the same effect.

> > I have links and scripts such as
> > radio2wav → record2wav.py   stoprecording → stoprecording.sh
> > vinyl2wav → record2wav.py
> > which are used both directly and by cron, but also scripts like
> > split-tracks.py which would only ever be used from the command line.
> > All these reside together in my ~/bin/ which is on-PATH.
> You've now got tab completion going to two different things, and twice
> as many entries in ~/bin/ as you might expect. But hey; if it works for
> you, great.

Tab completion just does the right thing: it matches up to the . and
then pressing return gets to follow the link.

And not twice as many. The only links are to the scripts that get
called from elsewhere. There aren't that many. As I've said, these
are personal scripts so there's no need for it to scale up like the


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