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Re: dspam silently (perhaps) crashing

On 08/11/15 11:20, Alan Chandler wrote:
On 08/11/15 08:00, Erwan David wrote:
I had a look at rspam and did not use it : i find it far too much invasive, it practically impose tons of tests that I do not want to be done because of false positives. (and worse when a new version comes with new tests they are enabled by default). I found it also rather difficult to configure. So I stayed with dspam, which despite not being more developped is robust and does its job : bayesian filtering.

I have now removed it from the main mail path, but am still sending spam and ham retraining requests to it. It has now stayed up for a whole day.

I followed your quest round the internet looking for a replacement. In this process I did discover someone who was experiencing silent exits of dspam. The current dspam maintainer was saying that the hash driver could get into trouble because it copies a file into memory and if this got corrupt then it would cause dspam to crash.

I am wondering if I can find that file and remove it. Just don't know where to look

Alan Chandler http://www.chandlerfamily.org.uk

I did find the hash database, they were in /var/spool/dspam/data

I put dspam back in my mail delivery path (postfix delivers to dspam delivers to dovecot), deleted the has files for each individual user and dspam has now stayed up for the last three hours.

So I am concluding that it is corrupted hash files.

I might look at migrating to one of the other drivers which use a proper database,

Alan Chandler

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