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Re: how execute a script

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On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 10:37:28PM +0000, Lisi Reisz wrote:


> I take it those who are so against file endings are equally upset by 
> sources.list and menu.lst?

I don't know who "those who are so against file endings" are, in your mind.

To (preemptively) take myself out of this set, let me quote myself:

      I have no problems with the convention to end C source files with
    ".c" and objects with ".o" (after all, this makes writing makefiles
    easier!). But look at the ugly things Windows folks do ("Makefile.mak",
    horrors!) just because, with their slavish DOS roots, every file gotta
    have an extension).

    Conventions are good, slavery is bad. Or some such :-) 

To recap, and simplifying very much. IMHO IMHO IMHO:

  executable script, independently of "interpreter" [1]
    ending -> BAD
  shell, perl, any other (eg dynamic) library
    ending -> GOOD
  pdf, jpeg, tar.gz
    ending -> GOOD

> Though it is very annoying when they are *needed*.  Xsane usually puts them 
> in, and I used not to bother to check.  A few months ago I sent my lawyer a 
> scan of a document he needed.  An hour or two later, back came an 
> email:  "I'm so sorry, we have no software that can open that file.  The IT 
> department has been trying for an hour".  Puzzled, because I thought I had 
> sent a .pdf, and had checked that it opened fine in Evince, I looked at the 
> file - groaned - and renamed scan-foo to scan-foo.pdf.  When resent it opened 
> fine.

Software relying more on that ending than on what the user says ("believe me,
that *is* a pdf although the ending is not") is downright stupid, and you'll
find that more on Windows than on Linux (although Linux has a fair, and
increasing share of it).

I know this experience. Unless you name a file "foo.txt" stupid Word can't
open it (yeah, you can force it to, but Windows has "educated" its users
to be so helpless that they mostly wouldn't know how to). That's what I
was talking about when I mentioned "slavery".

Hope my point is clearer now.

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