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convert between ethernet and usb

In order to provide Internet access to a LAN consisting of several
computers in a location in which DSL is not available, I am in search of a
reliable and inexpensive way to use the USB port of a G4 Wi-Fi "hotspot"
to feed the WAN port of a router.

In particular, my plan is to use a VerizonWireless JetPack with a i386
machine running IPCop2.  I envision dedicating a small Linux machine with
USB3 capability as a Ethernet-to-USB translator.

The Jetpack (Netgear AirCard 791L) is a Wi-Fi router which can serve
multiple computers, but Wi-Fi is not appropriate for this application.

And, yes, the system is going to be noisy and power-hungry.  However, from
articles such as "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB"; the
concept appears to be workable.


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