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Re: convert between ethernet and usb

On Sun, November 8, 2015 6:54 pm, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Now you can try to set the interface up, run a DHCP client on it
> (dhclient, pump, dhcpcd, udhcpc...) and check what happens.

IPCop responds only to dhcpcd; but I do not know what to specify, and to
get the man page I need to stop and install dhcpcd5 on my desktop.

> Note : according to what you read on the device screen, it uses an IP
> address in the same range so you may need to set a different subnet on the
> LAN interface.

How about ?

>>> and check which module supports it with :
>>> modprobe -R <alias>
>> modprobe gives no output
> Really ? Even though the rndis_host module was automatically loaded ?
> On my box it returns "rndis_host" for the first alias returned by the
> previous command :
> modprobe -R usb:v0846p68E1dFFFFdc02dsc00dp00icE0isc01ip03 rndis_host

Forgive me; obviously I did something wrong; perhaps I forgot the "usb:". 
Anyway, I tried again, and this time output was returned:

For usb:v0846p68E1dFFFFdc02dsc00dp00icE0isc01ip03
the result is             2dsc00dp00icE0isc01ip03

For usb:v0846p68E1dFFFFdc02dsc00dp00ic0Aisc00ip00
the result is             2dsc00dp00ic0Aisc00ip00


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