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AA for KDE? Adding new sessions to kdm login manager Addressbar in Konqueror has buggy layout All of a sudden only five fonts available assign icons to non-kde apps Re: Athlon optimized KDE build AutoLogout Screen Saver Bastian Gläßer/PD/Kreditwerk ist außer Haus. beta von ds9 + alpha von xpa cache konq command line Compiling KDE 2.1 on Potato confusing behavior from kwin on potato CPU Usage & Processes With KDE Curious ktail crashes Debian KDE 2.2.2 update Debian KDE Status Update - 20020309 Debian KDE Status Update - 20020314 Debian packages of KDE themes? debian/rules files appear in KDE cvs... Enabling write in SMB-kioslave First time KDE "Wizard" themes and background Font size in khelpcenter? gnupg & kmail signing message [HELP!!] Re: Debian KDE 2.2.2 update How do get rid of the System Monitor applet in the panel Is autobuilding kde packages broken in Unstable? Re: € symbol in kde applications Re: € symbol in kde applications Kamera + USB permissions Re: KDE KDE 2.2.2 unable to view JPG, PNG KDE 3 KDE 3.0rc3 Debs??? Re: KDE3 alpha .debs around? KDE3 CVS compile problems in kdebase KDE3 from CVS not recognising styles kdebase-libs2.2.2 breaks all regular user logins? kded accessing disk kde-i18n upload kdekillall command kdelibs3-bin broken ? Kde Liquid KDE or Qt frontend for Debconf Re: kde packages broken? Fwd: [Kde-pim] Distro's & packagers: kdepim/kpilot broken KDE startup hangs and 'commits suicide' KDE status update Re: KDE status update + Dates, metapackage, installing kde & update-alternatives Kdevelop Kde with obj prelink kghostview dependency problem and vi cursors still broken in woody kio_fish kio_fish (another question) KMail crashes with large number of message recipients kmail gettings slower and big cpu usage on exit Kmail issue/problem kmozilla? Knode will only start if I su to root Konq Not Accepting Cookies Re: konqueror and CA-certificates konqueror and flash plugin konqueror and flash plugin revisited konqueror and flash plugin revisited pt2 korganizer file format KPilot and theme questions KWeather not working... KWeather Users... launch apps on virtual desktops libusb Re: Liquid v8.1 location of kde:s configuration Re: location of kde:s configuration and migration to Debian mailto: in konqueror making a file with root permissions Re: Fwd: middle mouse button = double click ? More maintainers for KDE? Mosfet Liquid KDE objprelink on woody OT: SGL [was Re: kdebase-libs2.2.2 breaks all regular user logins?] Re: Out of Office AutoReply: KDE 3.0rc3 Debs??? packaging kde-apps Re: portable mirror? Problems with kdm Refresh Rate Remember Password? Nope scp (secure copy) and konqueror? Screensaver Timeout Suggestion - Comments ? starting windows without decoration subscribe Two Kmail users in one X session Unidentified subject! Upgraded to woody and printing from KDE stopped URL pop up € symbol in kde applications weird keygrabbing behavior with kwin/kde on laptop wmaker wxpaste and kde X/KDE Font problem Re: x-session-manager? The last update was on 17:40 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 349 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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