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Re: First time KDE "Wizard" themes and background

> In KDE 3.0, KPersonalizer now runs before the desktop is even loaded.

> This should now be fixed under KDE 3.0, due to fact that they style engine is 
> now much better.

Cool, but KDE 3 is not going to make it into Woody, is it? Pity. If the
past is any indication of the future, KDE 3 will be released about a
week or two before woody (which is of course too late), just so that I
will probably only run stable for a week until I miss unstable too much.

> I don't know if there's a fix without lots of hacking.

OK, thanks. Another question, is there a nice way to get /tmp/.ICE-unix
owned by root.root without doing it by hand? Maybe (ugly...) an init.d
script that creates it at boot time ... ? (To cut down on about 5
seconds login time.)


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