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Re: kde & update-alternatives

On Friday 22 Mar 2002 2:28 am, you wrote:

> Do you mean time to upgrade the laptop or time to upgrade to woody? Is the
> version of KDE that part of woody more efficient?

The laptop. I'm not sure that there are any significant differences in 
resource utilisation between kde 2.1 and 2.2. Both will be painfully slow on 
a 486.

> Is KDE any worse than the Win95 the previous owner had installed (under
> which they apparently used to run PageMaker and Photoshop)?

Well it's so long since I ran windoze, I am probably not the best person to 
answer this but I'd say in general X and KDE are probably more resource 
hungry than win95.

> The laptop is just a toy, and the whole project of installing linux,
> getting X11 to run on it is largely just a diversion. I didn't really
> expect it to be very useful, beyond giving it to my 3 year old daughter to
> play ktuberling with.

Well then in that case you really don't need to install a resource gobbling 
desktop environment. Just X, a lightweight window manager and ktuberling 

Simon Hepburn.

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