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Re: Debian KDE Status Update - 20020309

On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 02:43:35PM -0800, tluxt2@yahoo.com wrote:
> As far as now installing kde for i386 is concerned:
> You mention that kdegraphics and kdeutils need new uploads.  Are there
> currently older versions of these packages that exist in the debian apt package
> servers that it is ok to install (they will be merely missing the packages
> kamera & arc)?

kdegraphics and kdeutils do not exist in any usable form in testing.
kamera is completely unusable with the new gphoto, and ark *WILL*
randomly trash your files. When KDE3 rocks around, my kdenonbeta
packages will include karchiver.

> What is the best procedure to install kde on a base i386 compatible Sid system
> as of now?  
> Should one just do "apt-get install kde" (which would make use of an old
> kde-meta)?  

No, meta-kde is currently broken as it depends on packages that don't

> Or, should one do an "apt-get install ..." with a string of the available kde
> packages?

Yes, this is probably the best option.

> Is there any order that must be followed in installing these packages?

No, because apt resolves dependencies for you.

> If installing a string of packages is the best procedure, what specifically is
> the suggested string of packages?

"kdm konsole konqueror kate noatun kcalc frozen-bubble" should help.

You want to play frozen-bubble.
You really, really, want to play frozen-bubble.

:) d

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