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konqueror and flash plugin revisited


I have just updated the system here to the very latest that Sid has to offer. 
 The shock/flash I had was old, so I removed it and installed the latest 5 
for netscape.  Netscape runs with shock 5 well.

Then there is Konqueror.  It refuses to run the pluggins.  I have scanned for 
it multiple times.  I have added the +x to both pluggin files..  

Further, if I go to a silly site like: www.pulpphantom.com to see the silly 
content, konq opens 5 or more windows all pointed to the damn shock download 
site.  It is bad enough to have one new popup browser, but 5 is out of 
control.  I have attempted to eleminate the behavior with the konq web 
settings to not open (deny) java popup's, but that clearly didn't help.

So, the querry still stands: How do you make konqueror work with flash?!

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