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Re: kghostview dependency problem and vi cursors still broken in woody

> Firstly, Im having dependency problems with kghostview and koffice-libs
> koffice-libs recommends kghostview >= 2.2-0 which is not available.

The recommends was added to fix an earlier print preview bug.  You should 
find kghostview >= 2.2-0 in sid.

Someone's already reported this as a bug since woody only has kghostview 2.1, 
but I'm not going to change the recommends:.  I actually suspect that by the 
time the new koffice build migrated to woody, kghostview 2.2 would be there 

At any rate, the recommends: is there for a reason, sid is fine and we're 
just waiting for kghostview 2.2 to migrate to testing.


> Has a bug report been submitted?

You can check this yourself by visiting:



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