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Re: kmail gettings slower and big cpu usage on exit

On Thursday 21 March 2002 23:25, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 21:16, Achim Bohnet wrote:
> > For some weeks I (again) notice kmail (woody + kde from sid)
> > working slower and slower.  Too slow after ~ 2 days.
> > Only thing that helps is to exit kmail
> > and start it again.   Further, even after empty trash, compacting
> > all folders and then exiting kmail, kmail runs in the background
> > for several minutes comsuming as much CPU time as it can get.
> If you have it set to compact folders on exit then that can explain the disk 
> access on exit.

Hmm, I did an compact all folders by hand before the exit and a second compat
all folders takes almost no time.  But when I exit I still see these minutes
of full CPU usage and the HD led is not flashing.    Nevertheless just to be sure
I switched off compact all folders on exit and will exit kmail in two days ;)

> I have noticed that kmail seems to slowly increase memory use over time and 
> suspect a memory leak.

Same here but I have enough of mem ;)
> Also when reading a large message the amount of time taken to display it is 
> excessive (sometimes 30+ seconds for a very large message).

Let me elaborate what I mean with 'slower'.  After one or two days when I
switch from one very little message to another (e.g. in the folder of this list)
I can watch the folder and message window being redraw.  E.g. 1 s for the msg list
window redraw and 1 s for the message window :(

That makes kmail unusable and it's time to exit.  After compact all folders manually
I exit kmail.  kmail window vanishes almost immediately but top shows that kmail
continues to run for some minutes in the background comsuing CPU time.

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