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Re: konqueror and flash plugin

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 01:15:37PM +0100, Christian Schoenebeck <christian.schoenebeck@epost.de> wrote:
> >>>?please cc me - I'm offlist <<<
> Hi!
> I've problems setting up the flash plugin in konqueror.
> There was no /usr/lib/netscape directory so created it and also 
> /usr/lib/netscape/plugins Then I copied these two files (ShockwaveFlash.class 
> and libflashplayer.so) into that plugin directory and activated java (using 
> /usr/bin/gij-3.0 - the gnu java interpreter). After choosing 'search for new 
> plugins' the flash plugin appeared in the netscape-plugins list, but I'm 
> still not able to display flash elements with konqueror. What else do I have 
> to do?
> Help would be greatly appreciated,
> Christian Schoenebeck

Having encountered this problem many times before, I've found that for
some strange reason you have to set libflashplayer.so +x before
Konqueror will be able to use it to display Flash content (at least this
was the solution on mine and several other people's system). Please
reply with your results to the list.

Kamil Kisiel <kamil@kamilkisiel.net>
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