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Re: How do get rid of the System Monitor applet in the panel

Duh.. just remebered, on my box the panel  is aligned vertically, that dotted 
bar will be to the left on a horizontal panel.

On Sunday 03 Mar 2002 6:07 pm, Simon Hepburn wrote:
> Above those two rectangles you should have a tiny "dotted bar", right-click
> on it and select remove.
> On Sunday 03 Mar 2002 5:15 pm, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> > I selected the "System Monitor" applet for the panel. Now I have two
> > empty rectangles sitting there that don't do anything, and that don't go
> > away. How do I unset them? I played the active/inactive options in
> > preferences but no luck.  Any idea?
> >
> > CCs welcome, I'm not subscribed to debian-kde.
> >
> > Thanks, Dirk

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