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Re: starting windows without decoration

On Wednesday, 20. März 2002 11:02 wunder surf wrote:
Strange name...
> I have one more question now. Is there a way to make the window
> always tay on the back i.e an opposite to 'kstart --ontop'

Google for "xnodecor" (a very small utility, distributed as source).

In my .xinitrc I have pairs of lines like

| /usr/bin/X11/xload  -geometry 260x222-0+264 -bg gray &
| /usr/local/bin/xnodecor -w xload
| . /etc/X11/Xsession 

The result is a running application on X (on all KDE-Desktops) which is 
simply not existent for KDE. It has no border, is not clickable and can 
not be moved. 

Udo Burghardt

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