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Re: AA for KDE?

 > You can either set it in the startkde script or there should be a
> > checkbox in kcontrol, under "look and feel", "fonts".
> >
> Putting 
> QT_XFT=1
> into the /usr/bin/startkde script worked for AA!

Good :-)

> I put the ttf font into /usr//X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF along with the other 
> fonts, and even did update-fonts-dir, but I still don't have my daughters new 
> fonts?
> I know Debian has some special tools for working with fonts. deforma and 
> dfontmgr, but these only seem to work with existing Debian-installed fonts.
> What else am I missing?
*Where* don't you have the new font? Did you look using xfontsel?  I
ask, because a recurring bug seems to be that KDE will not see ttf fonts
while using bitmap, and vise versa, etc, etc.  This is made worse when
using AA.  However, if X can't see it, something is wrong...  Have you 
installed fonts on this machine before? Do other fonts that you download 
off the web work?  What's your /etc/xft.config look like (that is not the 
real filename, however I'm in winblows and can't check, just search for 
something with a name that looks like that).  And is there some font
validator that you can use to make sure your font is "correct"?  I ask
in all sincerity, since I haven't used such a tool, but think it would
be cool if it exists :-)

Well, that should give you a good place to start, and if all that is
fruitless, the info you dig up should give *me* a good place to start

Have a wonderful night!

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