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Re: Kamera + USB permissions

> I solved this by installing the hotplug package.
> then a script
>         /etc/hotplug/usb/usbcam
> gets executed whenever you connect the camera to the usb port
>, which you can configure to give you (or a certain group) permissions
> to access the usb device.

I don't have that script - even after reinstalling gphoto2 and kamera. Which 
package does it come in?
Do you also have to declare the product id of you camera somewhere in 
hotplug's configuration files?

> I have a Kamera question too:
> how can I configure Konqueror to show me (camera generated) thumbnails for
> each image instead of icons?

At least on my system it works automatically. Maybe you are using tree or 
list view instead of icon view in Konqueror?

(Unfortunately Kamera apparently doesn't use gphoto's '-T' option for getting 
thumbnails from my Canon G1 but rather downloads the whole pictures and 
scales them down; judging from the speed at least. :[ The Kamera sources do 
contain thumbnail code but for some reason it bugs on my configuration.)

- Jarno

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