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Re: Debian KDE Status Update - 20020309

Thanks Daniel.  A few follow ups:

--- Daniel Stone <daniel@sfarc.net> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 02:43:35PM -0800, tluxt2@yahoo.com wrote:
> > As far as now installing kde for i386 is concerned:
> > 
> > You mention that kdegraphics and kdeutils need new uploads.  Are there
> > currently older versions of these packages that exist inthedebianaptpackage
> > servers that it is ok to install (they will be merely missing the packages
> > kamera & arc)?
> kdegraphics and kdeutils do not exist in any usable form in testing.
> kamera is completely unusable with the new gphoto, and ark *WILL*
> randomly trash your files. When KDE3 rocks around, my kdenonbeta
> packages will include karchiver.

I could perhaps have been clearer if I'd put that question after the next
question in that email, because I am focusing on getting KDE installed on a Sid

So, how about in Sid?  

Should someone installing KDE on a base Sid system install kdegraphics &

If not, any idea when those will be in Sid and ready to install?  
Is someone working on getting those packages into Sid?  Who?

(Continuing on, about installing KDE into a Sid system:)
> > Or, should one do an "apt-get install ..." with a string of theavailablekde
> > packages?
> Yes, this is probably the best option.
> > If installing a string of packages is the best procedure,whatspecificallyis
> > the suggested string of packages?
> "kdm konsole konqueror kate noatun kcalc frozen-bubble" should help.

What about all the other packages ChrisC has mentioned recently?

Shouldn't the install line look more like this:
"apt-get install  kdelibs kdebase kdeadmin kdemultimedia kdenetwork kdepim"

[And maybe also include, (if these are now available in Sid) "kdegraphics
kdeutils".  And, also include, as you suggested, "kdm konsole konqueror kate
noatun kcalc frozen-bubble"?  (Are none of those included as part of the
packages listed on the above apt-get line?)]

Which of those (listed on that apt-get line), packages, if any, should not be
installed on a base Sid system as of now?

Also, how important are kdegraphics, and, especially, kdeutils, to having a
functional KDE-Debain system?  


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