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Re: location of kde:s configuration

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> Anyway, I am moving old my home directory to the new installation,
> and I was pretty much under the impression that moving my KDE
> settings from SuSE's KDE 2.2.2 to the Debian's KDE 2.2.2 could be
> done by simply copying the .kde-directory from one place to
> another. Unfortunately, the KDE on Debian did not accept the old
> settings and just wrote over the old ones. But, it seems, that if
> you afterwards move single files, like the bookmark.xml, they get
> accepted by the reciving KDE.

I remember that SuSE stores kde-2.x settings in ~/.kde2. Did you copy 
this to ~/.kde in the debian-home?

I also did the suse->debian transission. There where also differences 
for other programms like xemacs. Also .bashrc and friends have 
differences. You may have to look at them too.

> I installed Debian on one of my hard disks and I found it be great,
> though the process of installation was difficult compared with
> SuSE, which I use now (debian should really have something like
> sax2 for configuring X)

I also used to use sax. I think except its not graphical
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
(for woody) is as good as sax2.

Did you try it?


PS. By the way. On my laptop suse 7.0 failed completely because it
didn't know the ati mobility chip. But xf86config for Xfree86-3.x did
the job.

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