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Re: KDE3 CVS compile problems in kdebase

On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, [iso-8859-1] Albert Heijn wrote:

> I installed qt kdesupport arts kdelibs . then i tried to install
> kdebase which configures fine but after "make" it stops with some
> errors in favicon.cpp Saying that something in kicontheme is wrong .
> then a lot of syntax errors follow and in the end the script stops .

Given that this is running out of CVS, there's a possibility that you got
half of an upload.  Try changing to the directory containing the offending
file and doing "cvs update -D yesterday" to see if that helps.

Once you get a working compile with this method, you can just do a daily
"cvs update -d" in the root.  If this compiles with "make", do a "make
install", if not, try again the following day.

Failing that, start reading the source!  Most of the code in kdelibs is
very good.  (it starts to deteriorate at the application level though..

Giles Constant, Systems Programmer
Hyperlink Interactive

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