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location of kde:s configuration


I installed Debian on one of my hard disks and I found it be great, though 
the process of installation was difficult compared with SuSE, which I use now 
(debian should really have something like sax2 for configuring X)

Anyway, I am moving old my home directory to the new installation, and I was 
pretty much under the impression that moving my KDE settings from SuSE's KDE 
2.2.2 to the Debian's KDE 2.2.2 could be done by simply copying the 
.kde-directory from one place to another. Unfortunately, the KDE on Debian 
did not accept the old settings and just wrote over the old ones. But, it 
seems, that if you afterwards move single files, like the bookmark.xml, they 
get accepted by the reciving KDE.

So my question is, where what are the single files I should move in order to 
get my old settings to the new place? The settings I would like to move are 
about the menus in my panel, kmail, korganiser, bookmarks in the 
filebrowser-side of konqueror and a few more. I know that most of it reside 
under the kde/share/apps-directory, but there seem to be also a lot of 
unnecessary stuff.
Is there some general rule, like settings are stored only in xml-files..? Why 
can't I find a decent explanation of KDE's directory/file-structure on the 


PS. For some strange reason, the konqueror in Debian's KDE seems to be 
significantly faster than the same version on konq. running on the same 
computer but under SuSE 7.3. I don't think the difference in the speed of my 
harddrives explains that. Congratulations for good trimming!

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