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Re: KDE or Qt frontend for Debconf

Under KDE you can run both gnome-apt and kpackage, but neither is really that 
good. It would be really nice if there were software which has many ways of 
browsing/searching the available packages, and which would handle the 
installation of the as well as if you were using apt-get. The best 
package-management software I've used is Red-Carpet, which also can install 
.debs, but it does not interact with the user to configure software.

One approach would be to take a look at the sources of gnome-apt and 
kpackage, maybe even red-carpet and apt-gnome-pkgset (Progeny-Debian's tool). 
(Of course you also need to know how to use the qt-frontend in your 
c++-code.. I am not sure it that was your question.)


> Does anybody know if anybody has tried writing a KDE or Qt frontend for
> Debconf?
> I'm trying to have a look at the deconf specifications now to see how hard
> it would be, but does anybody have some nice links for documentation on
> doing such a thing?

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