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Re: confusing behavior from kwin on potato

On Thursday 21 March 2002 14:29, alice@cascoind.com wrote:
> Ok, I've got the 'rkrusty' line in my sources.list...
> earlier last week I do an 'update' in dselect 'cause I'm looking for something 
> else and I suddenly get a bunch of packages selected.... looks like there was a 
> change from KDE 1.1.1 to 2.1.1 sometime since the last time I updated (yeah, 
> I don't do it _that_ often)
> when I first tried running startx after that I suddenly had no window 
> manager... ick...
[ snip long desc]
> hmmm, ok, something's definitely.... missing... or still sprocked..... any 
> suggestions on where to continue looking? Relevant FAQ's? Manuals? email 
> addresses? 
> or should I just comment out the rkrusty line, move the old kde .debs to a 
> directory somewhere, put that in my sources.list and see if I can talk dselect 
> into putting things back the way they were?
> anyways.... any suggestions or pointers to FM's to R would be appreciated 

Try starting kde with startx or via kdm. Then

	o check ~/.xsession.  Any useful error msgs?
	o start a terminal emulator and from there start kwin.  Error msgs?
	  (Try Alt-F2 and start you favorite term emulator or on
	   console login as same user and use DISPLAY=0:0 konsole # or xterm)

> :)Alice M. Pinard
> Casco Indemnity Company
> alice@cascoind.com 
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