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Re: Debian KDE Status Update - 20020309

--- Chris Cheney <ccheney@cheney.cx> wrote:
> wanna-build status for different archs
> kdebase       - m68k dep-wait - mips building (stuck?)
> kdeadmin      - m68k building (stuck?)
> kdemultimedia - m68k building (stuck?)
> kdenetwork    - hppa building (stuck?) - m68k failed   - sparc needs-build
> kdepim        - hppa building (stuck?) - m68k dep-wait - sparc needs-build
> kdeutils      - hppa building (stuck?) - m68k dep-wait - sparc needs-build
> ---
> kdelibs       - should go into woody once the m68k buildd maintainer
>                 uploads the m68k deb to ftp-master
> kdemultimedia - will not be available on mips/mipsel due to internal
>                 compiler errors.
> kdepim        - will not be available on hppa due to gcc3 errors but
>                 will still go into woody.
> kdegraphics   - needs new upload with DNC kamera  (or fix for kamera)
> kdeutils      - needs new upload with DNC ark     (or fix for ark)
> ---
> kde-meta will be examined once all of the rest are finished.

Thanks for the update!

As far as now installing kde for i386 is concerned:

You mention that kdegraphics and kdeutils need new uploads.  Are there
currently older versions of these packages that exist in the debian apt package
servers that it is ok to install (they will be merely missing the packages
kamera & arc)?

What is the best procedure to install kde on a base i386 compatible Sid system
as of now?  

Should one just do "apt-get install kde" (which would make use of an old

Or, should one do an "apt-get install ..." with a string of the available kde

Is there any order that must be followed in installing these packages?

If installing a string of packages is the best procedure, what specifically is
the suggested string of packages?


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