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Re: Upgraded to woody and printing from KDE stopped

On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 22:30, Gruetzner wrote:
>     I then manually editted  /etc/printcap, changing the semi-colon ( ; ) 
> after hl1250 to a colon ( : ).   That fixed one error message.  The error 
> message now reads:
No, this was not good.
I have this line in my printcap file:

Without knowing so much about the way apsfilter works, I guess 
are parameters for apsfilter. So, you should not play around with these.

Try printing a testpage with your old printcap (; instead of :).

Yes, you were right. This problem is not fixed in the current KDE
packages and you should file a bug. The parsing of the printer name
from the printcap file does not work properly. It should stop at the
first pipe '|' as pipes separate alternative names for the same
printer. However, it does not.

A quick workaround is to login as root and to set in the KDE
Control Center under System/printer the correct printer name.
Then printing should work for you even with KDE. :-)

Bye, Steffen

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