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Re: First time KDE "Wizard" themes and background

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On Monday 25 March 2002 7:10 pm, Hugo van der Merwe wrote:
> When a user logs in to KDE for the first time, he gets that nifty
> "wizard", last question is which "theme", not sure what the question
> was, but it impacts the widgets etc.

In KDE 3.0, KPersonalizer now runs before the desktop is even loaded.

> Selecting KDE there usually causes the background to go white,
> completely. If one then presses back, select something else, press next,
> press back, select KDE again, then select next, you get the nice blue
> curvy (default?) background again.

This should now be fixed under KDE 3.0, due to fact that they style engine is 
now much better.

> woody/sid boxes I've worked with, um, probably about 5.) Can this be
> sorted out for Woody's release, let the KDE "theme" keep the nice

I don't know if there's a fix without lots of hacking.

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