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Re: konqueror and flash plugin

Am Samstag, 2. März 2002 00:28 schrieb Rene Horn:
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> There are some things that I found out about Flash recently:
> * Flash is a memory hog, and doesn't like it if it doesn't get all the
> memory it wants (i.e. it won't start if it doesn't have enough memory, so
> turn off unnecessary apps.)
> * Flash under Konqueror uses artsd, but for some reason chokes if you have
> esd running alongside it.  I have no idea why.
> * Make sure you have the package libqt2-gl installed.  I couldn't get Flash
> to work until I installed this.
> * Make sure you have some lesstif package installed.  This is required for
> Konqueror to run any Netscape plugin.
> Good luck!
> Rene

>>> please cc me - I'm offlist <<<

I finally got it. I just haven't installed a proper sound driver, because I 
tried to get my Terratec EWS card somehow working, but I gave that up now and 
am using the onboard sound chip on my mainboard. Who would have thought that 
flash refuses to run without a sound driver? (At least not me :))

Thank you everybody for your help!

Just one more thing: I noticed that background music won't stop even after 
changing to another site, only untill I've completely closed konqueror. And 
flash documents are very, very slow. But I guess, I can't do anything about 
that, can I?

Christian Schoenebeck

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