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Re: KDE status update

On Thu, Colin Watson wrote:
>I had a look, since it looks like it should be reproducible on any
>architecture with gcc-3.0. I couldn't even get it to build on i386
>though ...
>That's with kdepim 4:2.2.2-5, after 'apt-get build-dep kdepim' and
>'debian/rules build'. I'm reluctant to file a bug straight away, because
>it does seem to have autobuilt on some architectures (mips, mipsel,
>powerpc, s390).

I tried it, and it compiles (on i386) if you have  automake1.4-p4-1.1 
installed but apparently it does not  if you have automake1.5 instead.

kdepim source build-depends on automake (>= 1:1.4-p4-1.1) | automake1.5

Hope this helps.

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